Superb Transit: Dewayne Stovall

We are so excited to introduce you to second chance entrepreneur Dewayne Stovall, owner of Superb Transit in Kansas City, a trucking company moving parcels regionally since 2021.

Why are you passionate about your business?

The passion that I receive from my business comes from the revenue I make. Making money is crucial and it allows me to invest in other businesses. I’ve always been in business for the money and the financial security it brings. I’ve never had a real job. I was always running around Kansas City. Having my business gives me my freedom and the money I want, but I’m not doing anything illegal so I’m secure.

What are you most proud of in regard to your business thus far?

I’m proud about the financial change I have made for myself. I come from a place where options that I’m creating, like owning my own business, do not exist. The options I had coming from the neighborhood I come from was jail or hell. I’m proud to be alive.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

I have learned to always know what the job pays before committing to the project. I like to be paid my worth. In the trucking industry, a lot of low balling can take place. You have to stand firm on your prices so you can make a profit.

When did you get home from prison?

I have been to jail and prison a bunch of times, the longest amount of time I spent was 24 months. When I changed the way, I made my money I never went back to jail and financially it was a better move as well.

 How has your reentry journey been thus far?

I didn’t start my entrepreneur journey until 2011, until then I continued to be in and out jail and the streets. When I made that pivot in life and grew up, I understood the consequences that came with my old lifestyle. So, I stopped doing things that would cripple me and financially didn’t make sense. Every time I went to jail and came home, I would have to restart my life and that was hard.

What advice would you give to someone currently in prison who would like to do something positive with their life when they get home?

Focus on not committing any crimes. Find your passion and turn it into a craft. Use Google or any resource to study the craft you are trying to do and go for it.

Outside of your business, what is something that you love doing?

Music! (Follow Dewayne’s music on Instagram and Facebook at @power101thablocc.) And anything that has to do with computers. I like to do graphic design and produce music.

What does success look like for you and your business?

Bringing in 6 figures on a consistent basis, but I’m happy with setting goals and just making sure to hit them.

Keep up the great work, Dewayne!

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