Spotlight Media 360: Jeffrey Ryder

We are so excited to introduce you to the second chance entrepreneurs participating in our Rise Up, Get Started Matching Grant program this year! Meet Jeffrey Ryder, owner of Spotlight Media 360

Jeff started Spotlight Media 360 on March 10th, 2021. Spotlight Media 360 builds easy to manage websites for busy business owners to generate leads and reduce headaches.

Why are you passionate about your business?

I love helping entrepreneurs increase their conversion rate with a good online presence. I am an entrepreneur. With my knowledge plus marketing and website skills, I can help other business owners get discovered online with a good site that converts to leads.

What are you most proud of in regards to your business thus far? 

Spotlight Media 360 has clients on 3 different continents. Our goal is to have clients on every continent! Do penguins start businesses?

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

I have learned the importance of getting everything in writing with customers and how to best manage expectations while delivering high value. 

What advice would you give to someone currently in prison who would like to do something positive with their life when they get home?

Stay hopeful, diligent, and seek advice.

Outside of your business, what is something that you love doing?

Wood work. I love making coffee tables and end tables. I’m currently working on some wood shelves for a local business, Margaret’s Place.

What does success look like for you and your business?

Our goal is to build 1,000 websites in 10 years. 100 websites per year! That’s when I will consider my business successful.

Check out some of the websites Jeff & his team have built so far:

… … …

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