Robert Miller, ROMElectric & Smart Home Automation

Robert Miller grew up in KCK and started doing electrical work installing car radios for his neighbors. After a series of bad decisions, Robert landed in prison.

Determined to make the most of his time behind bars, Robert started working with the maintenance crew and repairing his peers’ electronics. Eventually, he started working on an electrical crew that made service calls across the facility. 

When Robert returned home, he started working for some electrical companies over five years. Just weeks ago, Robert stepped out as a full-time entrepreneur. 

Robert has had a handful of residential clients across KCMO and KCK so far, and just took on his second corporate client. One area of his business that is really picking up is installing security systems and home automations for homeowners. Here’s Robert now with some insight into his business…

What do you enjoy about doing the work of an electrician? 

I enjoy bringing enjoyment and security to people. I also enjoy the challenge of figuring out an electrical issue and being able to fix it.

Why are you choosing to venture out on your own as an entrepreneur?

I believe I get my entrepreneur spirit from my dad. I can remember working with him on our mobile concession truck. I enjoy the personal one on one relationship that is built within being an entrepreneur

What does success look like for you & your business?

I will feel successful when I can get the business running smoothly and have the time to mentor someone else. In return, they start their own business and repeat what they’ve been taught. That’s success.

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