Fuimaono Construction: John Fuimaono

We are so excited to introduce you to the second chance entrepreneurs participating in our Rise Up, Get Started Matching Grant program this year! Meet John Fuimaono, owner of Fuimaono Construction.

John created Fuimaono in April of this year. Fuimaono Construction does carpentry residential remodels. To get a quote, call (816) 209-0647.

Why are you passionate about your business?

I have been in the construction industry for a long time so the passion is there; but I like doing the framework on jobs. I am a leader and a teacher and it is a good feeling to pass down my knowledge.

What are you most proud of in regards to your business thus far? 

I am grateful for how fast my business is growing. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

What I have learned as an entrepreneur is that you will have good days and bad ones in this business.

What advice would you give to someone currently in prison who would like to do something positive with their life when they get home?

The best advice I could give is to put as much effort into your work ethic. There was a time that I used to sell drugs and put all my effort into that and it was successful. You have to find something positive to focus on and put all your energy into that and watch what you get.

Outside of your business, what is something that you love doing?

I love to be with my kids; teaching them and playing sports with them. I enjoy family cookouts as well.

What does success look like for you and your business?

Success for me is to make sure that I am keeping my employees busy and to make sure I build America back up.

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