Daniel Cody, Your Professional man

Daniel Cody. Your Professional Man.

What can Dan do? You name it. Carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, painting, electrical, roofing, extermination, landscaping, window cleaning, plumbing…

Dan has done it all. But the moniker, Dan Your Professional Man, isn’t about what he does, it’s about how he does it. “To me, it all comes down to the golden rule,” shares Dan. “Treat others the way you want to be treated. And your customers a little better!”

For his customers, Dan is always just a call or a text away. And he guarantees his WORK, “The jobs not done ‘til the boss is happy. You’re only as strong as your word.”

Carpet cleaning is the area of Dan’s business that he would like to grow the most. His goal is to expand his customer base enough so that he can hire a small crew.

When he’s not working on his business, Dan volunteers in the COMMUNITY and is deeply committed to his church. “I LOVE helping others and serving the Lord as a business owner. Together we can ride any storm and come out the other end better for it.”


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