Determination, Incorporated is a 501C3 nonprofit based in Kansas City, MO. 

OUR MISSION: We empower a community of formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs with service-based businesses that are supporting one another on their reentry and entrepreneurial journeys.

OUR VISION: That formerly incarcerated people, by starting viable, hiring businesses, will help to solve the problem of recidivism, create financial freedom, and build intergenerational wealth.

Check out our 2022 Impact Report
2021 Impact Report. 

What we do

Back to Business

Our in-prison workshop prepares returning citizens with a business and action plan so they can hit the ground running upon release.

Be the boss

In our business support group formerly incarcerated people receive the knowledge and guidance they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Rise Up, Get Started

In our Rise Up, Get Started program in 2023, we are supporting second chance entrepreneurs as they apply for business loans and grants in the Kansas City-area.

I am investing in the Determination, Incorporated community of second chance entrepreneurs because they…

  • create jobs for people who need a chance.
  • break the cycle of poverty and build wealth for their families.
  • show us that our past doesn’t have to hold us back.
  • are willing to put in the work to reach their goals.
  • give me hope & I want to learn from their stories.
You get a free INVESTOR t-shirt when you invest $20 a month or for a $250 one time investment.

Your “investment” is a tax-deductible donation to Determination, Incorporated, a 501C3 nonprofit.

Subscribe to our podcast “Own It: Starting a Business After Prison.” 

We bring you real life stories of what it takes to start a business after prison from people who have been there. We’re bringing you hope, advice, and plenty of laughs. 

Own It is available wherever you get your podcasts and on tablets in Missouri prisons so that men and women can listen and plan for their successful reentry. We want our listeners to succeed, to get out of prison and never go back, and to live the life of their dreams.

Meet the Team


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Determination, Incorporated

4747 Troost
Ste. 207
Kansas City, MO 64110


Telephone: 816-607-1873